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2022 Edition

1.- The 7th fishing tournament Dorado Derby Marinaterra will be held until futher notice.

2.- The inscription to the fishing tournament Dorado Derby Marinaterra will have a signing fee of $2,500.00 pesos per participant. 

3.- The purse prizes to be alloted in the fishing tournament Dorado Derby Marinaterra are:

  • 1st place: $30,000 pesos + Outboard motor + trophy

  • 2nd place: $30,000.00 pesos + trophy

  • 3rd place: $20,000.00 pesos + trophy

  • 4th place: $10,000.00 pesos + trophy

  • 5thplace: Trophy


4.- The only specie that counts for the tournament is MALE DORADO FISH. 

5.- Those participants less tan 18 years of age must have a written consent by their father, mother or legal custodian. 

6.- Each vessel will carry the amount of participants deemed necessary, because the event is per participant rather than of crew onboard of the vessel (captain and seaman). 

7.- The responsibility to know and honor the norms and rules of the tournament befalls in the participants and their crews, the simple fact of being registered implies the acceptance and abidance to the rules of the tournament. 

8.- The inscription is on Friday June 3th, 2022 from 15:00 to 21:00 hrs. at Marinaterra Hotel & Spa, in San Carlos, Sonora.

9.- On Saturday June 15th from 6:45 hrs. all the vessels must join around the official vessel. 

10.- The starting gunshot will be at the 7:00 hrs. All the vessels must be behind the imaginary line to be indicated. Any vessel found outside this line will be disqualified. 

11.- The weighing scale will be open from the 15:00 hrs. and will close at 17:00 hrs. All the participating vessels must return to the marina prior to 17:00 hrs. 

12.- There are no restriction regarding trolling or lines that may be used. 

13.- Only 2 male dorado fish will be accepted per participant to be presented to the scale judge. 

14.- In case of mechanical fault of the vessel, the coordinator of the tournament reserves the right to authorize with criteria the change of vessel or of participants of the team or crew in case of an accident. 


15.- The official channel of the tournament will be released during registration day. 

16.- In case of a tie in weight, the first weighted will be the winner. 

17.- Any threat, abuse and vulgar language towards the organizers and participants of the tournament will be sufficient cause to disqualify the participant. 

18.- The director of the tournament reserves the right to perform the changes in the start and finish of the tournament due to climate conditions. 

19.- In case of radio fault a cellular call may be done to radio control. The cellular number is to be provided at the Reading of Rules meeting. 

20.- At port arrival, the specimens of DORADO FISH are to be presented for verification, weighing and selection and the classifying tournament book of the participant will be signed. 

21.- JACK POT.- Inscription $1,500.00 pesos per participant and what may be accumulated will be delivered to the winning participant in the same at 85%, the reminding 15% will be destined to a charity institution. The competition is for the heaviest Dorado fish. 

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